Flood Information


Flood Danger and Details


Top Ten things to know for your home or business in Scottsville

  1. Scottsville has a history of flooding, and it’s important for residents to be cautious and prepared.
  2. To learn about flood warnings, listen to local TV or radio. Text message alerts work very well, even when power is out. Sign up by searching “Code Red Albemarle County” or “Fluvanna Emergency Alert.”
  3. Watch the James River forecast online by searching “Scottsville hydrograph.” The James River normally runs about 3 feet deep in summer. At 17 feet, the levee gates at Ferry Street close. At 25 feet, the gates at E. Main Street close, and a voluntary evacuation is ordered. At 27 feet, a mandatory evacuation is ordered.
  4. Scottsville can also flood around Mink Creek if rain in town is very heavy. This kind of flash flood can happen quickly and may also require evacuation. In this case, parts of Dorrier Park and Canal Basin Square are designed to flood and store the water for later pumping.
  5. If there needs to be a rapid evacuation of the Mink Creek or other downtown area, first responders will go door to door.
  6. Albemarle County has not yet identified emergency shelter locations. If you need to evacuate, go to friends or family at higher ground.
  7. Keep at least basic supplies on hand: food and water, flashlight, first aid and hygiene kit.
  8. If a flood is coming, try to turn off your utilities at the main. Disconnect appliances. Bring outdoor furniture inside, and move essential items upstairs. Consider moving unnecessary vehicles to park at higher ground and off of main streets.
  9. Do not walk or drive in moving water. Even a few inches of water can be dangerous.
  10. After the storm, clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Floodwater can have sewage or chemicals.