Strategic Plan

In 2023, the Town Council met with the objective to create a strategic plan for the town. While the town has undertaken efforts to identify strategic priorities in the past, this was the first time that it was planned to create a comprehensive document and that it be done collaboratively with input from across the town government and from within the community.


The Vision


While honoring our unique James River history, the Town of Scottsville seeks to:


  • foster smart1 growth
  • promote tourism and a thriving economy
  • cultivate community connections
  • protect our natural environment for residents, visitors, and the greater Scottsville area, in order to build a future that preserves our small town character.


The Mission


The following collectively represents the mission of the Scottsville Town Government:


  • Listen respectfully to and actively communicate with community and stakeholders
  • Actively facilitate productive partnerships to help ensure a thriving economy and increase community connections
  • Work collaboratively with external organizations and individuals to nurture our culture and protect our environment
  • Assure transparency, accountability, and  sound government practices


to ensure a safe, welcoming, small town culture both now and in the future. The full document can be found here.