Why Scottsville?


People, Location, Space, Cost:
Scottsville checks all the boxes to help your business start up and grow



Business is about community. It matters who the neighbors and colleagues are. The nearby community might be your best market and the source of your best hires. Scottsville has diverse demographics and a growing population. Residents have roots in local history, but we also welcome plenty of newcomers from all over the world. Proximity to UVA brings a highly educated population, and this small town punches above its weight in the arts and music scene. We’re proud to keep many of our high school and college graduates in the area as they find exciting opportunities; southern Albemarle County is also a very attractive place to retire. This kind of healthy community is the fertile soil that helps your business grow!


Historically, the prime location on the James River made Scottsville commercially successful. We’re still the retail and services hub for a rural area across four counties, perhaps 20,000 people. Route 20 through town has daily traffic around 8,000, mostly commuters headed to Charlottesville. The river provides scenic views and a healthy influx of tourist activity, especially in summer. Proximity to Charlottesville and UVA is a game changer for the small town of Scottsville. It’s rare for a quaint, historic town to have a half-hour’s access to world-class medical, IT, and entrepreneurship opportunities, connected by a scenic drive past top-ranked wineries. This location has attracted some unique businesses which could have located anywhere!


Sometimes the business decision comes down to building. Scottsville is large enough to have a variety of commercial architecture and always a few places in transition. There is land near Route 20 available for new construction. There are ground floor and upstairs spaces in the historic district, for sale or lease, ideal for office or retail. And our big, transformative effort is the redevelopment of a 60-acre site, formerly a tire factory, into a new mixed-use center –more on that later! Commercial real estate brokers in the area have Scottsville on their. Check back here soon for a page highlighting commercial property available in town.


The real estate costs in Scottsville are lower than Charlottesville. So is the cost of living nearby. That’s a big deal, and it can be a big advantage. Utility rates here are reasonable. Town taxes are low. Our value proposition is to offer a distinctive small town character, plus easy access to the perks available in Charlottesville, but without some of the drawbacks, most notably the high real estate costs. This proposition works for dozens of small businesses in town, and it can for you, too!

So come visit and explore Scottsville! Town staff can give a tour any time, and the current business owners here will give you a testimonial to their success.