Planning Commission

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Planning Commission

The role of the Planning Commission is to develop a Comprehensive Plan every five years to guide development, to update the town’s Zoning Ordinance, and to hear zoning issues.

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Victory Hall, 401 Valley Street. See the Town Meeting and Events Calendar.

If you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission, or if you would like to request that an issue be placed on the agenda of a meeting, please call the Town Office at 434.286.9267, or email the commission members at

Current Planning Commission Members

William S. Hyson, Chair
Duffy Birckhead
Stuart C. Munson
Joshua Peck
Ronald L. Smith


Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

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Comprehensive Plan (Includes amendments through August 19, 2013)

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Subdivision Ordinance

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Zoning Ordinance (Includes amendments through August 31, 2011)

Download PDF (Full Document)

Table of Contents
1.0 Authority, Establishment, Purpose and Official Zoning Map
2.0 Application of Regulations
3.0 Interpretation of District Boundaries and Definitions
4.0 General Regulations
5.0 Supplementary Regulations
6.0 Nonconformities
7.0 Establishment of Districts
8.0 Rural Areas District – RA
9.0 Village Residential – VR
10.0 Residential –  R-3
11.0 Commercial District – C
12.0 Industrial Districts, Generally
13.0 Light Industry – LI
14.0 Heavy Industry – HI
15.0 Public District – P
16.0 Overlay Districts, Generally
17.0 Flood Hazard Overlay District – FH
18.0 Historic Overlay District – H
19.0 Entrance Corridor Overlay District – EC
20.0 Administration, Enforcement and Interpretation
21.0 Amendments
22.0 Board of Zoning Appeals
23.0 Architectural Review Board
24.0 Site Development Plan
25.0 Fees
26.0 Violations
27.0 Penalties and Remedies