ARB Applicants Sought

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The Town of Scottsville seeks applicants for positions on the Architectural Review Board (ARB). Please submit a letter of interest by email to or by mail to 401 Valley Street.

Qualifications for the ARB are stated in the Zoning Ordinance as follows:

“A majority of the membership shall be residents of the Town and all shall have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation. At least one (1) member shall be a long-term resident of the Town within its current boundaries. One (1) member may be a member of the Town Council and one (1) member may be a member of the Town Planning Commission. At least one (1) member shall have professional training, equivalent experience, or demonstrated knowledge in architecture, history, architectural history, or archaeology. Effort should be made to appoint at least one (1) additional member certified as a registered architect with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation. The latter two members should be appointed on the basis of their qualifications; consideration need not be given as to whether they are residents of the Town.”

Please contact the Town Office at 434.286.9267 for more information.